Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

You never know what Easter in early April is going to be like, but the weather is finally taking a turn for the better around here. There were a few flurries floating around when I went grocery shopping on Saturday (gaaaaah, Michigan!), but the sun was out for Easter Sunday, and we were able to enjoy some blue skies and temps in the sixties. Hurray!

On Saturday, the three of us went out for breakfast, one of our favorite traditions now that we have a little person who likes to wake up early. C enjoys sitting in her high chair at the table with us, although we do have to be sure she has some food in her hand at all times. Baby Mum Mums are a favorite, and she got a few bites of egg of our plates.

All we do all day is kiss her cheeks

The rest of Saturday was kind of a bust. We had hoped to get out and walk around or go to a park, but it was cold and windy, so we ended up playing on the floor at home. Everyone is going a liiiiittle stir crazy after a long winter in our tiny apartment, so we're all looking forward to some consistently decent weather. This all corresponds nicely to Claire's burgeoning mobility, though, and we're excited to be able to run around outside when the time comes.

After Claire went to bed, Brian turned on the MSU/Duke game, which quickly turned into a completely disaster. We ended up turning it off and watching the last few episodes of Mad Men on Netflix instead. Much better, in my opinion. ;)

On Sunday, we woke up at 6:45ish and realized that Claire had slept THE ENTIRE NIGHT. As in, over twelve hours straight. This magic has not repeated itself, but it's nice to know at least it's possible at this point.

The Easter bunny decided to visit Grammy and Papa's house instead of ours (hmmm...that bunny better step up his game), so we had a quiet morning at home. We practiced "so big!" with Claire (see Facebook video for adorable proof), and then put her down for a nap.

Her decision to start sleeping on her stomach has made a world of difference at our house. Also, sleeping babies are the cutest ever.

I hated having to wake her up, but we needed to get going. When I walked in her room and turned off her white noise machine, she started to stir...and then hysterically cry. Poor baby! She rallied, thankfully, and we headed down to Kalamazoo. Her preferred car activity these days is to take off her shoes and socks and hold them in her hands/chew on them.

We celebrated Easter with egg strata, a few face licks from the dogs, and, at last, that sweet basket of goodies.
No chocolate this year

I realized recently how very few pictures I have of my girl and me, since I am generally the photographer around here, so I was grateful to get a few family shots. 

Claire slept in the car on the way home (again holding her shoes in her hands), and we fed her some veggie purees, then got her ready for bed. We are a little compulsive about bedtime around here, but those precious few hours in the evening keep everybody sane and happy.

All in all, a really nice weekend. Have I mentioned how much better life is when it's not horrifyingly cold and snowy all the time? We are big fans of spring.

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