Tuesday, October 20, 2015

still here

Okay, okay. I'm here. This has been sitting in my drafts folder for a while (along with a whole bunch of other half-written posts). Life is a little crazy with a very active kiddo who is constantly attempting to destroy our house and/or injure herself. Also, hey, we moved! That was a big ordeal, but we're settled into our new home and enjoying our neighborhood, our space, our backyard, EVERYTHING. It's good.We've been working on cleaning up the yard and attempting to get things organized inside. Really, a lot of our stuff is still in boxes, shoved in closets, but we'll get there eventually. Like maybe by next September? Pictures of our in-progress house to come.

hanging out in the backyard because picking blades of grass will keep us entertained for at least ten minutes

serious bedhead

she never does this anymore!

more standing in the backyard after daycare one day, wearing somebody else's clothes

we also exist!

selfies are fun!

loves to dig the clothes out of my hamper and wear them around the house

Otherwise, we are adjusting to slightly longer commutes, Claire's new daycare, and the change of seasons (well, that happens every year, but it's an adjustment nonetheless). Claire is now 100% walking/running/tumbling and talking up a storm (mostly in words that we can't understand, but she does say "hi!" to everyone/everything, and it's the cutest ever). She's also getting all four molars simultaneously, bringing her up to a total of twelve teeth. We had a few rough weeks, between the teething and the growing, but she seems to be settling back to her normally happy self. Daycare germs are very real, and she pretty much always has a runny nose. But I'm going to assume this will make her immune system super strong in the long-term, so the kindergarten adjustment will be a breeze. (Right??)

In short, things are good. More to come!