Sunday, October 16, 2016


Five years ago, Brian and I got married. I never anticipated our wedding to be one of my favorite days of all time, but that day absolutely contains many of my most cherished memories.


On that day in 2011, I was a law student, he was an academic advisor. We lived in a townhouse that felt huge to us. We had two cats and one car, a lot of student loan debt, and each other.

Four years ago, we had recently relocated to Grand Rapids. I was waiting on my bar results, truly one of the most emotionally tumultuous times of my life, and Brian had a new job. I spent my days searching for employment and trying not to panic. Brian broke his arm playing softball in early October. This year, we went to Grand Haven for breakfast on our anniversary and to Costa Rica several weeks later.

Lake Michigan shore 2012
Three years ago, we went to dinner at a fancy restaurant that served us free champagne. I would soon find out I was pregnant with Claire.


Two years ago, we had a three month old. We asked our babysitter to take a picture of us before we ate Indian food at a beloved local hole in the wall and then went grocery shopping to use up the rest of our babysitting time. Because sometimes you just need to wander the aisles of Meijer together to feel human again.

Looking exhausted in 2014

One year ago, we ate tapas and drank sangria. We had just bought a new house and felt like we had maybe finally broken through the haze of new parenthood.
The best we could do in 2015

Today we feel fortunate. Last night we went out to dinner and fell asleep at 9:30 while Claire slept at Brian's parents' house (Thanks, Grammy and Papa!).

It is easy to look at the Instagram pictures of somebody's life and assume they have it all together. We are #blessed, as they say, and it is still hard. A healthy, beautiful child, good jobs with flexible schedules, supportive families, a house in a neighborhood we love. All of these things make it easy(er) to have the relationship we want, to envision the future we are building together. But life is fuller--harder and more joyful--than we could have ever anticipated when we exchanged vows five years ago. The weeks march along, one season folds into the next, I buy more pants for our growing kid. We hold on tight through the hard parts and celebrate when things go well. It is a good life, but if there's one thing I've learned it's that it doesn't get any easier, you just get better at rolling with the punches.

Looking moderately refreshed in 2016
I could not have asked for a better partner in marriage or parenthood. Here's to us. Here's to seventy more.