Friday, April 24, 2015

around here

A great shot captured by our babysitter this week
I wish I could say we've been up to really exciting things over the past ten days, but we've mostly been living life as normal with an adventure or two thrown in. We have a few trips coming up in the next couple of months, so we won't be spending quiiiite as much time at home.

On dreary days at home, we entertain ourselves by riding around the house in diaper boxes.
Last week, we had Claire's 9-month appointment. She's our strong, healthy girl who continues to have a slightly above-average weight, slightly below-average height, with an extremely large head (to contain her giant brain, of course). This was a shot-free appointment, thank everything, but she'll need a whole bunch the next time we visit the pediatrician in July.

On Saturday, we drove the two hours to Ypsilanti to visit B, S, and baby L. Despite choosing not to sleep in the car, Claire remained pleasant and powered through the afternoon on only a thirty minute stroller nap. Both babies were extremely chill and well-behaved, so we enjoyed some Mexican food + margaritas for lunch, followed by chocolate malts. It was a beautiful day of mid-70s and sunshine.

For our latest family photo, Claire decided to throw down some gang signs
The rest of the week was full of work (and SNOW), but Brian decided to take yesterday and today off, so we're enjoying a long weekend of family fun.

Wandering the aisles at Buy, Buy, Baby, where we loitered in the reclining chair section for a while
the Ada covered bridge--Claire is pumped
Working extremely hard to remove her shoe, as usual
"Dad, I really want you to have this piece of sweet potato I just removed from my mouth."

Next up: Bloomington, Indiana, on Thursday. We can't wait!

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  1. Looking great, as always! Miss you, and can't wait to see you someday soon!